Binary Outcomes Data in Ecology and Epidemiology

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Binary Outcomes Data in Ecology and Epidemiology




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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is an intermediate course in data analysis for graduate students and professionals in fields of epidemiology, wildlife biology, ecology, and natural resources. Many problems in human and animal health as well as natural resources present binary data (yes/no, infected/uninfected, occupied/unoccupied etc). This course gives an introduction to the statistical features of this type of data and students will learn both basic and advanced methods for analyzing this type of data to draw practical conclusions.

PREREQUISITES: Students require basic computer skills managing spreadsheets and installing software. This course will be conducted in R/Rstudio.


  • What is binary data?

  • Bernoulli and binomial distributions

  • Logistic regression, link functions, and Generalized Linear Models

  • Fitting basic logistic regression models and interpreting outputs

  • Multivariable models and interactions

  • Mixed effects logistic regression

  • Other methods to analyze binary outcomes data

INSTRUCTOR: Tristan Burgess