July 30-Aug 2: Introduction to Ecological Modeling in R


July 30-Aug 2: Introduction to Ecological Modeling in R

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn basic concepts in statistical programming and graphics in R. All examples used in learning are tailored to the needs of wildlife students and professionals.

DATES: Tuesday, July 30 - Thursday, August 2, 2019

LOCATION: Unity College Sky Lodge, Jackman, Maine

ACCOMMODATIONS & MEALS: All packages include breakfast, lunch, welcome dinner the first evening on arrival, farewell dinner on the final evening, light refreshments during breaks, and option for single or shared accommodations (bunkhouses and cabins - 5 person max). Let us know on the registration form if you have a preferred room allocation (e.g., if you have a preferred roommate), dietary restrictions, or if you require any special accommodations.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get $200 off when you book this course in combination with Generalized Linear Models for Ecologists in R. These courses run consecutive weeks at the same venue.

PREREQUISITES: Basic statistics. No prior experience using R is required.


  • Format, load, and manipulate data (continuous, factor, dates, vectors, data tables)

  •  Plot data using R packages and control structures

  •  Conduct hypothesis testing: randomization tests & programming control statements (for loops); null hypotheses, critical regions, and p-values; and z-test, t-test, and F-tests

  •  Understand basics of linear regression, including interpreting output and diagnostic plots

  •  Use advanced data manipulation and plotting methods with the ‘tidyverse’ (ggplot2 & dplyr)



CE Credit: Attendance at this workshop has been pre-approved by The Wildlife Society for 22 CEUs in Category I of the Certified Wildlife Biologist® Renewal program and Category I of the Professional Development Certificate program.