Dr. Jeff Stetz


Instructor, Center for Wildlife Studies

Research Coordinator Region IV, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

M.S. Wildlife Biology, University of Montana

Ph.D. Wildlife Biology, University of Montana

Researchgate profile

For the past 20 years, Jeff has worked primarily on large-scale studies of abundance, population growth rates, and resource selection for large carnivores in the American intermountain West. These projects have included the first population-wide abundance estimate for grizzly bears in northern Montana and the first density estimate for American black bears in the Glacier National Park area. He has also worked on developing new population monitoring methods for mountain lions and river otters in North America and two bear species in the Russian Far East, as well as conducting a rigorous evaluation of numerous monitoring methods for black bears across northeastern North America. Jeff is also an Associate Editor at the Journal of Wildlife Management and a Certified Wildlife Biologist®.



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