Dr. Tristan Burgess


Vice President for Science and Education, Center for Wildlife Studies

Principal Scientist, Acadia Wildlife Services

B.V.Sc. Veterinary Science, Massey University

Ph.D. Wildlife Epidemiology, University of California, Davis

Email: tburgess@centerforwildlifestudies.org

ResearchGate profile Burgess Lab website

Tristan is a wildlife veterinarian and epidemiologist. His research investigates i) the effects of disease on ecosystem processes; ii) the ways in which health and disease can impact, or be used to measure, conservation outcomes; and iii) the intersection of behavioral/foraging ecology and animal health. Tristan also consults on wildlife health management for state and federal governments as well as some of the finest zoos and aquaria in the US. He has handled and worked with a wide range of captive and free-ranging wildlife from lions and Tasmanian devils to penguins, pinnipeds and sea otters.



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